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Thank you for your interest in the Rotary Student Program, a career mentoring initiative, supported by Rotary Clubs throughout the world.

The Rotary Student Program

Piloted in 2007, the Rotary Student Program was fully launched in 2008 to help guide junior and senior high school students in the earliest stage of the career selection process — before high school graduation.

The idea for the program started with the Rotary Club of St. Joseph-Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA, which was hosting students for lunch meetings. More...

Learning of student interest in making connections with career mentors, the club saw the opportunity to take the program further and began connecting young people with established business professionals that were living the students’ dream careers. The program quickly gained support with participation from five school districts.

Through further research, it was discovered that the career mentor void was not just in North America, but was global in scale. It was found that on a worldwide level, young people were not making career connections with professionals that could help verify career directions or explore redirections to more suitable paths — before college or vocational training. After gaining the attention of Rotary District 6360 leadership in Michigan and Rotary national vocational services leadership, the program was presented to the President of Rotary International, Kalyan Banerjee, at Rotary International headquarters on February 2, 2012.

After the meeting with President Banerjee, a second meeting at Rotary International spawned interest by Rotary vocational service global leaders, triggering an interest in piloting the program, starting with Japan, India, and Argentina. By 2012, it was decided by Rotary International that the Rotary Student Program had merit and would be promoted internationally. Leveraging the 200-country, 1.2-million member Rotary network, career connection options were considered viable and endless as a means of Rotarians serving young people. The mentoring program will be given heightened global attention on June 23, 2013, when Rotarians worldwide will be trained on the attributes of the Rotary Student Program at the Rotary International Convention in Lisbon, Portugal by Rotary Student Program Chair, Jackie Huie.


How It Works

Through the Rotary Student Program, select young people are invited to explore career interests, with behind-the-scenes visits to area businesses. Meeting one-on-one with business professionals, participating students gain rare access to every level — from CEOs of global corporations to small business owners. In reverse interviews, students are given the opportunity to learn more about particular areas of interest, what it takes to land the dream job, and even verify opposing career interests. More...

Through Rotarians, students explore dreams from every possible direction — from becoming an NFL football player to becoming a global peace leader, from becoming a medical professional to going into the entertainment business, from working as a public servant in politics to starting a private family business. With the Rotary Student Program, the opportunities and possibilities are endless.

7 Steps of the Rotary Student Program:

Step 1
Student Selection by School: After partnering with participating Rotary clubs, schools select students that qualify for the program. School selection is based on district standards and student potential for taking seriously this amazing only-through-Rotary opportunity.

Step 2
Online Student Application: Participating students fill out an online application that verifies areas of career interest. Honesty and thoroughness in this portion of the application process is very important to ensure proper mentoring.

Step 3
Rotarian and Business Alignment: Rotarians review applications and match the student with the “best fit” business professional — either locally (for an in-person meeting) or at a distance (for a phone conference).

Step 4
Formal Meeting Invitation: Students receive an electronic visit confirmation and are invited to their first Rotary Club meeting, escorted by one or two Rotary hosts who have been cleared under Rotary youth protection policies.

Step 5
Rotary and Business Visit: Immediately after the Rotary Club meeting, the student is escorted to a business to meet with a business professional that directly aligns with the student's dream career.

Step 6
Student Presentation at Rotary: One week after the business meeting, students are invited back to the Rotary Club meeting to share with club members what they learned from their experience and how the program impacted their dreams and career goals.

Step 7
Business Mentor Support: In some instances, select students are invited to continue to communicate with business professionals, offering to serve as ongoing mentors.


How to Get Started

Getting started is easy for participating businesses, Rotarians, schools, students, and parents: More...


  • If you are interested in participating, contact your local Rotary Club.
  • For more information on clubs in your area, visit
  • Review steps provided in the “Rotarians” section of this Website.

Rotary Clubs

  • If you are interested in getting started, follow program approaches provided in the “Rotarians” section of this Website.
  • If you are already a participating club and need support, click “Contact” on this Website.


  • Meet with area Rotary Club leaders and request participation in the Rotary Student Program.
  • Select worthy high school juniors and seniors.
  • Provide assistance to students in the application process.
  • Follow steps provided in the “Rotarians” section of this Website.
  • For more information on Rotary, visit
  • For more information on Rotary youth protection policies, click here.


  • Discuss the program with your parents and your interest in participating.
  • Fill out the online application.
  • Follow steps provided in the “Students” section of this Website.
  • For more information on Rotary, visit


  • Contact your school to request your child’s participation.
  • Review steps provided in the “Students” section of this Website.
  • For more information on Rotary, visit


For more information on the founding club of the Rotary Student Program, visit
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