If you are like most Rotarians worldwide, you are
interested in making relevant service connections.

By seeing the value of your club serving students through mentoring, you will be filling a global void and making a direct and critical connection within your own community. Participation is simple and for most Rotarians requires no more than an 30 minutes of time outside of a Zoom or physical Rotary Club meeting. For Rotary Student Program Committee Members, participation is as simple as placing a few phone calls to friends.

This Program Helps Communities in Three Key Ways:

Provides a relevant community service

The program gives Rotarians, businesses, and schools the opportunity to work together to fill a global void — making a real connection between young people and business professionals.

Makes a difference in the lives of young people

The program helps young people in the most critical time in their lives — well before decisions are made on paths for college and career.

Builds awareness of the good works of Rotary International

The program builds awareness of Rotary — the world’s oldest and largest service group — and its efforts to eradicate polio, provide clean water, and make the world a better place.

How to get started:

If you are a member of an registered Rotary Club, and can provide club identification, you are invited to participate in the Rotary Student Program.

  1. Schedule a Zoom or Physical Meeting with your local school principal or superintendent to get approval to start the program
  2. Ask for a next meeting to share the program with Guidance Counselors in the school
  3. In all meetings, explain:
    1. The global void the program fills in helping students confirm or redirect their career dreams, well before college, in a safe and virtual setting, hosted by Rotarians
    2. The program is open to all young people approaching college or career
    3. Participation is easy for students and takes less than an hour of time (30 minutes for the reverse interview and 2 minutes sharing the experience during a Zoom or physical Rotary Club Meeting)
    4. School participation is even easier, limited to Guidance Counselors encouraging promising students to sign up (paper or Google Forms recommended)

Once School Support is Established:

  1. Confirm key school liaison to be your point of contact for selecting student candidates and forwarding applications to your club
  2. Agree on follow-up schedule for applications
  3. Provide a link to ads for schools to post on social media
  4. Provide downloadable tools or links to communication materials below

Downloadable Tools or Links:

Forward to schools all the tools they need to inform students (and their parents) about the program:

  1. Program Steps
  2. Program Palm Card
  3. Program Flyer (11x17)
  4. Program Flyer (8.5x11)
  5. Student Application
  6. Potential Interview Questions
  7. Certificate of Completion
  8. Table Top Banner and Directions
  9. Large Banner and Directions

Order customized communication materials at jhuie@johnsonrauhoff.com

Editable Files:

Editable versions of the downloadable files:

  1. Program Palm Card
  2. Program Flyer (11x17)
  3. Program Flyer (8.5x11)
  4. Student Application
  5. Potential Interview Questions
  6. Certificate of Completion
  7. Table Top Banner and Directions
  8. Large Banner and Directions
  9. Logo

Have further questions about the program?