There are Many Good Reasons to Participate

It is said that when you give, you receive, and this is never truer than when you are a business professional helping a young person understand your career path.

How to Get Started as a Mentor:

Contact a local Rotarian and ask if you can participate in the Rotary Student Program. If your local Club does not sponsor the program, forward a link to the website and say you’d like to help:

Steps to Making the Most of Your Mentor Experience:

  1. Agree on a virtual time through Zoom or Google Chat that works for you, the Rotarian and the Student
  2. Be prepared to answer questions about your career path
  3. Start off by letting the student talk about their dreams, asking a few questions so you fully understand the space they are coming from
  4. Give the student time to ask questions and provide additional information that you feel might help the student decide if your career is the right fit for them
  5. Agree to let the student followup with additional questions via email
  6. Offer to maintain contact for future questions

Have further questions about the program?